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The end of blanket licensing schemes?

Posted on May 29th 2015

In early March the then Housing Minister, Brandon Lewis, restricted local decision-making powers in introducing blanket or borough/city-wide licensing schemes. The changes mean that councils will first require government approval if a proposed scheme covers more than 20% of their area or the local private rented sector. The National Landlords Association (NLA) had lobbied for an end to blanket licensing schemes for some time and published its report on the state of landlord licensing across the country in February, the findings from which informed the Housing Minister’s decision.

The issue gained significant coverage in all key property titles as well as in a number of regional papers where blanket licensing schemes are under consideration, such as Liverpool and London. Croydon’s blanket licensing scheme was the focus of BBC Breakfast bulletins in mid-March and NLA Policy Officer Gavin Dick spoke to BBC London News about why the scheme will fail unless it’s properly resourced and enforced.

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