Sterling Properties

Information for Tenants

We’ve been renting houses for over 15 years so we know the answers to nearly every question you may have about renting a property.  We’ve listed some of the most common questions and answers below but if we’ve missed something then why not get in touch and put us to the test.

Before moving in

  • How can I arrange a viewing?

    You can contact us in a variety of ways, you can call us on 0161 761 8755, you can email us at or text STERLING to 88802 and a member of staff will call you back or simply complete the enquiry form within the individual property listing.

  • Do I have to pay an application fee to apply for a property?

    We do not charge any upfront fees. There isn’t a charge to apply for any of our properties, we will only charge our administration fees once your application is approved and you sign for your new home.

  • Will I have to pay a deposit?

    On selected properties we offer a “NO DEPOSIT SCHEME”. To take advantage of this scheme you would need to provide us with a suitable guarantor who must be in full time work and a home owner. Individual property listings on our website will indicate if that property is available on this scheme.

  • Do you accept Housing Benefit applications?

    Yes, on selected properties we accept clients who would currently be claiming housing benefit. We offer a full service and we will complete all housing benefit application forms and follow your claim through to payment. Individual property listings on our website will indicate if that property is available to housing benefit applications.

During your tenancy

  • What references do I need to rent a property?

    You ideally need a current and/or previous landlords reference and if you are working an employment reference. Don't worry though if you can't get all or any of these as we may still be able to help you.

  • Who is responsible for contacting the utility companies after I move in?

    When you sign the tenancy agreement for your property we will setup your utility accounts with you.

  • How do I work out how much the monthly rent will be?

    The best way to work out the monthly rent is to multiply the weekly rent by 52 and then divide the result by 12.

  • How do I pay my rent?

    If you are working you will be asked to pay your rent by Direct Debit. If for any reason you can't pay by Direct Debit though you can pay your rent online, via the telephone or using a PayPoint card at any Post Office or PayPoint outlet.

  • How do I pay my rent if I claim Housing Benefit?

    If you claim Housing Benefit then this is paid directly to you by cheque or directly into your bank account. It can only be paid directly to us in exceptional circumstances. Once you receive your Housing Benefit you will need to pay your rent to us either online, over the telephone or using a PayPoint card.

  • What happens if my rent is paid late?

    If you are experiencing problems paying your rent then you should contact your account manager as soon as possible. If your rent remains overdue and we can't contact you by telephone you may be charged for us visiting your property.

  • If I have any repairs issues during my tenancy who do I speak to?

    You can report repair issues directly to our dedicated maintenance team on <strong>0161 761 8755</strong> Alternatively you can e-mail them at

At the end of your tenancy

  • If I want to serve notice to vacate my property what should I do?

    In most cases you are required to give at least 28 days notice to vacate your property but please refer to the terms of your specific tenancy agreement.

  • What penalties will I incur if I leave my property during the fixed term of my tenancy agreement?

    You will be responsible for payment of the rent until the end of the tenancy agreement. If the landlord agrees to re-market the property and once a new tenant is found, you will only be responsible for payment of the rent until the new tenant moves in.

  • What should I do with the keys at the end of my tenancy?

    You will need to ring your account manager five days before you are due to move out of your property. They will arrange an appointment to meet you at the property on the day you are leaving to complete the checkout inspection and collect the keys from you. You will be informed during the checkout inspection if there is any damage to the property which will be deducted from your deposit.

  • What is the Deposit Protection Scheme?

    Since April 2007 all agents and landlords have been required by law to protect tenants deposits with a government authorised deposit protection scheme. We use MyDeposits ( to protect your deposit.

  • When is my deposit returned to me?

    After we have collected the keys to the property and completed the checkout inspection you will need to send us your final utility bills confirming that these have been paid or transferred to your new address. Once we have received these your deposit will be returned to you by cheque within 28 days in accordance with the terms of your tenancy agreement.