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NLA publishes online map of licensing schemes

Posted on Apr 7th 2015

The NLA is calling for selective licensing to only be introduced by a council where it is in the best interests of the local community to do so. As part of its campaign for reform of the current licensing system, the Association has launched a new interactive map outlining the existing and planned landlord licensing schemes in England and Wales.

The new interactive tool will better enable landlords to keep on top of what the NLA considers to be a ‘disjointed and confusing’ licensing regime, and includes the fees payable for any mandatory , additional or selective schemes in different parts of England and Wales. It also outlines where proposals for new schemes are currently under consideration and lists the NLA’s local representatives who are active in the area. The tool does not extend to Scotland or Northern Ireland where the licensing regime differs. The map supports the NLA’s aim to help landlord mitigate some of the major risks involved with letting property, including the costs associated with unnecessary local licensing schemes.

Since 2010, local authorities in England and Wales have been able to introduce new licensing schemes without seeking permission from central Government. According to Carolyn Uphill, NLA Chairman, this “has led to a disjointed and confusing system.”

She believes that landlord licensing schemes should only be set up by councils where problems such as anti-social behaviour can be directly linked to the poor property management of private-rented housing in the local areas.


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