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Tenant Benefits

Housing Benefit and Local Housing Allowance

Local housing allowance is the way that housing benefit is administered for tenants renting accommodation from a private landlord.

LHA is a flat rate benefit. It is based on:

  • Where the tenant lives
  • Who lives with them
  • How much money the tenant has coming in
  • What savings the tenant has

In some cases the amount of benefit will be affected by other things which can include:

  • How much the rent is
  • Whether anyone living with the tenant is expected to contribute to their rent

Whether a tenant is eligible to receive a full or partial award depends upon their income, savings and proof of a valid tenancy.

We have extensive knowledge of both private and housing benefit letting markets. When dealing with housing benefit applications, all forms and required documentation are taken to the Housing Benefit office by ourselves. We have developed an excellent relationship with all North West offices and are in telephone contact with them on a daily basis to ensure we stay updated on new and running claims. This guarantees we can identify and deal with any problems as they may occur and provides a ‘hassle free’ service to you the landlord.