Sterling Properties


Private rented sector markets

When deciding to let your property you should consider the types of tenants you wish to rent to. Broadly speaking there are three types of tenants:

  1. People on benefits
  2. Students
  3. Working tenants

The type of property you own and its location may determine the market you aim for. Different markets will command different rent levels and will require different standards of letting. We can advise you which market(s) we feel your property would suit.

Using Sterling Properties to let your property

There are three lettings services we offer when renting your property. These are:

  • Letting only
  • Letting and rent collection
  • Full Management

Letting only

This is where we market your property, advise on rent levels, find a tenant, undertake reference checks if required and provide a tenancy agreement. Once the tenancy has started you will undertake all management of the property. We will charge you a one off fee for this.

Letting and rent collection

This is where as well as finding a tenant we also collect the rent for you during the tenancy. Other management functions such as repairs and arranging to get possession of the property at the end of the tenancy, if needed are still dealt with by you.

We will charge you a one off fee for this and then a monthly fee (a percentage of the rent) for collecting the rent.

Full Management

This is where we act as a full management agent. We will deal with all management issues, repairs, rent collection, starting the tenancy and some steps towards ending the tenancy. We will need to agree with you what repairs we can do without asking you, and what repairs you want to get involved in. Any repairs which we undertake are deducted from the proceeds of the letting.