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Government plans to raise energy efficiency standards

Posted on Apr 16th 2015

The Department of Energy and Climate Change has announced that from April 2018, property let by landlords in England and Wales will be required to meet an energy efficiency rating of at least Band “E”.

These changes will implement requirements under the Energy Act 2011 to improve the energy efficiency of private rented properties. They will mean that landlords will need to ensure that their properties reach at least an E EPC rating, or have installed improvements that could be funded using available Green Deal finance or subsidies before granting a new tenancy.

In addition, from April 2016, private residential landlords will not be able to unreasonably refuse consent to a tenant’s request for energy efficiency improvements where Green Deal finance or subsidies are available to pay for them.

Estimates suggest that on average the difference in the cost of heating the least energy efficient properties and those with an energy rating Band “E” is £880 per year. Fuel poor households living in the least efficient privately-rented homes already need to spend on average £1,000 more to keep warm, compared to the average home.

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