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Proposals could show red card to rogue landlords

Posted on Sep 21st 2015

Rogue landlords and letting agents who are prosecuted will face higher fines, possible blacklisting from the industry and rent repayment orders under new proposals outlined by the government.

The proposals received wide press and media coverage, with one element of the plans – the eviction of illegal immigrants – attracting the most headlines.…
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Landlords favouring terraced and semi-detached properties

Posted on Jul 16th 2015

There has been a marked increase in the number of landlords on the look-out for semi-detached properties. According to the latest research by Paragon Mortgages, 35% of landlord investors expecting to purchase Buy to Let property soon singled out semi-detached properties in Q1 2015, which was up from 23% in Q4 2014.…
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More mandatory licensing on way as HMO will be redefined

Posted on Jun 23rd 2015

An announcement by David Cameron in May of a national mandatory licensing scheme for private landlords was clarified after it sent shockwaves through the industry.

The new regime will apply to Houses in Multiple Occupation or “shared housing” only.

However, the “clarification” does not clear up important points such as exactly what would constitute a HMO in future.…
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Interest rates to drop further?

Posted on Jun 3rd 2015

After the past few years of speculation that interest rates will imminently rise from their historic low of 0.5%, the latest speculation is that rates may lower in the light of the news report in March that UK inflation fell to zero in February.…
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The end of blanket licensing schemes?

Posted on May 29th 2015

In early March the then Housing Minister, Brandon Lewis, restricted local decision-making powers in introducing blanket or borough/city-wide licensing schemes. The changes mean that councils will first require government approval if a proposed scheme covers more than 20% of their area or the local private rented sector.…
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‘Foreign accents’ fear over immigration checks

Posted on Apr 20th 2015

Prospective tenants with foreign accents are being rejected, according to first indications from the Immigration Act “right to rent” pilot.

According to ongoing monitoring by the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, rules which require landlords to check the immigration status of prospective tenants are leading to discrimination.…
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Government plans to raise energy efficiency standards

Posted on Apr 16th 2015

The Department of Energy and Climate Change has announced that from April 2018, property let by landlords in England and Wales will be required to meet an energy efficiency rating of at least Band “E”.

These changes will implement requirements under the Energy Act 2011 to improve the energy efficiency of private rented properties.…
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Average rents up £107 in five years

Posted on Apr 13th 2015

Rents are now 16.3% higher than five years ago, having risen by 2.8% over the last 12 months, according to the latest buy-to-let Index from Your Move and Reeds Rains.

In absolute terms, the average rent across England and Wales has gone up by £107 since January 2010 to reach £763 in January 2015.…
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NLA publishes online map of licensing schemes

Posted on Apr 7th 2015

The NLA is calling for selective licensing to only be introduced by a council where it is in the best interests of the local community to do so. As part of its campaign for reform of the current licensing system, the Association has launched a new interactive map outlining the existing and planned landlord licensing schemes in England and Wales.…
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